Towards Reading the Quran - Part 2

PARENT: The correct recitation of the Quran is the most important skill that your child will learn in life and we pray that he/she aspires for excellence. The mastery of any skill requires commitment, consistency and daily revision. This series has been designed for self-learning, however parental supervision is essential for motivation, encouragement and progress. As a parent, you now have the opportunity to be an active teacher of Quran and to benefit from the rewards which ALLAH has allocated for those who teach and learn the Quran. May ALLAH bless your child with excellent recitation of Quran, insha ALLAH.

CHILD: Alhamdulillah, you have reached the next level on your journey towards reading the Quran. Some days will be easy and others may be a bit difficult. Remember that for every letter of the Quran you read, you will get ten Hasanaat (Rewards). This is the beginning of your Quran account so you can start collecting all the Hasanaat. We make dua that ALLAH bless you with perfect recitation, insha ALLAH.May you enjoy reading and listening to the Quran. Ameen.

May the Almighty ALLAH reward all those who have contributed towards this project. Ameen.

Ismail Mulla (Ml)

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